Joe Pender Wildlife Photography

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Loggerhead Turtle

This Loggerhead Turtle was found on Porth-hellick beach on Sunday and was still alive .

But loggerheads thrive in warmer waters, but will stop feeding when sea temperatures drop below about 15C.
"As the seas cool down these turtles will suffe
r from acute hypothermia.
"If they are lucky, they may strand alive on a beach, and if found in time they can be rescued and rehabilitated back to health with specialist treatment".
He added the loggerheads would most likely "perish" in the South West inshore waters, which are cooling down to below the 15C threshold.


  1. Great pictures Joe any news on it's condition ?

  2. Great shots Joe,hope it makes it.

  3. It was still ok yesterday, fingers crossed