Joe Pender Wildlife Photography

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Great Blue Heron 2nd for Britain 2nd for Scilly.


On Tuesday evening I got a call to say there was a Great Blue Heron in Old Town bay this being only the 2nd for Britain and the 1st for Britain was also on Scilly in December 2007 and was also found by the same local birder Ash Fisher it was still present in Old Town on Wednesday morning but flew off when the tide came in it was relocated in Holy vale in the afternoon but was only seen by a few birders , there was no further sign until this evening when some one photographed it on the pool on Bryher were a few birders who stayed over managed to catch up with it , I imagine that there will be more bird watchers coming over in the next few days trying to catch up with it.


  1. Great captures Joe,well done,great catch.

  2. A great bird for your UK list !

  3. What great pictures...thanks Joe