Joe Pender Wildlife Photography

Monday, 17 September 2012

Baird's Sandpiper Not White Rumped Sandpiper

After another look at the pics we took on Sunday the Sandpiper we saw was a Baird,s Sandpiper not a White Rumped Sandpiper . One of the best identification features is the long wings, which extend beyond the tail when the bird is on the ground. Only the White Rumped Sandpiper also shows this, and that bird can be distinguished by the feature from which it gets its name.
Their breeding habitat is the northern tundra from eastern Siberia to western Greenland. They nest on the ground, usually in dry locations with low vegetation.


  1. What a smart little bird!!...super pictures of the birds and background detail.Thanks Joe.

  2. Well done on picking this up Joe. Smart little bird indeed. Looks like it might be a juv Baird's Sand though.

  3. Thanks for your comments . After another look by a few birders they have all agreed it is a Baird,s Sandpiper

  4. Thanks for the update Joe...super info.