Joe Pender Wildlife Photography

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Peregrine Falcon + Wheatear

Peregrine Falcon Eastern Isles

The Northern Wheatear makes one of the longest journeys of any small bird, crossing ocean, ice, and desert. It migrates from Sub-Saharan Africa in Spring over a vast area of the northern hemisphere that includes northern and central Asia, Europe, Greenland, Alaska, and parts of Canada. In Autumn all return to Africa, where their ancestors had wintered.Arguably, some of the birds that breed in north Asia could take a shorter route and winter in south Asia; however, their inherited inclination to migrate takes them back to Africa.


  1. Both shots are awesome... Nice capture of both the shots...Thanks!

  2. Great pictures Joe....wonder if it's the same Peregrine you showed us last year.Many thanks for all your info.

  3. Such fabulous shots, how far were you when you were shooting?