Joe Pender Wildlife Photography

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wilson's Storm Petrel

Yesterday afternoon we saw the 1st Wilson's Storm Petrel of 2012 which stayed around the boat for about 10 minutes. They are a summer  visitor to the north atlantic  leaving their antarctic breeding grounds.
Wilson's Storm Petrel is a small  It is slightly larger than the European Storm Petrel and is essentially dark brown in all plumages, except for the white rump and flanks. The feet jut beyond the square ended tail in flight. The European Storm Petrel has a very distinct whitish lining to the underwing and a nearly all dark upperwing. Wilson's Storm Petrel has a diffuse pale band along the upper wing coverts and lacks the distinctive white underwing lining. The webbing between the toes is yellow with black spots in pre-breeding age individuals.


  1. By the sound of the weather forecast the Wilsons "storm" Petrel arrived at the right time!!Must just say once again how we enjoy your pictures and information.Thankyou Joe

  2. Magical bird. Was brilliant to see. Thanks! Bob