Joe Pender Wildlife Photography

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Seabird Special

Sandwich Tern

Summer Plumage Great Northern Diver


Pale Bellied Brent Goose

Bridled Guillemot

Raft of Shags
A few photos from this mornings seabird special with Will Wagstaff .


  1. super 'photos Joe..... the Shags look as though they are performing a synchronised swimming routine !!and as for the Sanderlings it looks like a "'photocall" .many thanks as always...

  2. Hi Joe, did you notice that one of your sanderling flock is colour ringed? You may be able to see the colour combination better from your original but you will see that one of the left hand birds has maybe 4 different colours.
    I hope there is enough to fully ID this individual and find out where it was ringed. Looking at your photographs is always a real treat. I'm looking forward to being back on IOS soon for the forthcoming rowing championships.
    Regards Rob Hurrell