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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Madeiran Petrel 1st for Britain.

On the 28.07.07 on a Pelagic trip 6 miles SE of St Mary's with the wind blowing from the SW force 6/7 and light rain a large Storm Petrel came in to the boat on our port quarter and made its way down the port side until heading of to the NE down wind.  Three local birders were on board, Bob Flood and John Higginson & Alan Hannington,  they realised fairly quickly that this was a Madeiran Storm Petrel so with a lot of excitement I grabbed my camera which at the time was a Fuji film finepix  and managed to get this photo , 4 years later it has now been through all the various rarity committees and has been accepted as the 1st ever British record of a Madeiran Storm Petrel with the help of this photo. 

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