Joe Pender Wildlife Photography

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Woodchat Shrike

Spider found this Woodchat Shrike on the Garrison this afternoon there is also one on St Agnes .


  1. Great find,hope it makes it's way towards Lands End for this coming weekend.

  2. Surely this is the same bird that was photographed by Robin Mower on Gugh? See his photographs on Surfbirds. They look identical.

  3. The Bird on Gugh and the one on the Garrison were both seen at the same time .

  4. I think someone's watch must be wrong! The 'two' birds are identical in every feather detail. The odds must be very high of there being 2 identical birds. If I remember right, the St Agnes bird disappeared on the date of the St Mary's birds discovery.. Never mind. It is a lovely bird and, may I say, a fantastic blog - love the photos. Keep up the good work and hope to see you in October!