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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Short-eared Owl

I picked up this Short-eared Owl last night, it had a damaged wing which unfortunately had to be removed by the vet and will shortly be spending the rest of its day at Screech Owl sanctuary in Cornwall.

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  1. Hi. Just came across this by accident! I work at the Screech Owl Sanctuary and thought you might like to know that the owl 'Henry', as he is now known is doing incredibly well and has adapted to his special disabled aviary very well indeed! He is even comfortable enough to sit out at the front of his aviary in the sun infront of the public! AND his latest news is that as of 2 weeks ago he has a new girlfriend! A female short eared owl was admitted to the sanctuary last november from just down the road (amazingly from somebodys back garden which is very unlikely!), she unfortunately had to have a part wing amputation and thus cannot be released to the wild. However the silver lining is that she has become a companion for Henry, which we are all pretty happy about and so far they are getting on brilliantly! Hope this reachs you.
    Rachel (Owl Welfare and Education Officer)